FLuid pumps

With the modular structure of our pump ranges, we are able to fulfill a wide range of different pumping tasks. Our pumps are two, three or five-spindle, single or double-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for the low / medium or high-pressure range. They are used to pump a wide variety of different fluids with various lubrication properties.

Screw pump innovation: FLEXCORE

FLEXCORE is our product innovation in the true sense of the word. It stands out from the crowd particularly through its easy-to-change insert which guarantees lasting peak performance. Modern design teamed with unique functionality provides flexibility during installation you have never experienced before.

  • Flow rates: 7 - 564 l / min
  • Viscosity: 1,1 to 2.500 cSt
  • Differential pressure: 1 to 40 bar

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L2 range

Leistritz screw pumps in the L2 range are twin-screw, single-volute, self-priming positive displacement pumps for the low-pressure range. They are used to pump slightly aggressive, slightly abrasive, low to high-viscosity fluids with good to poor lubrication properties.

User benefits

  • High efficiency > Low operating costs
  • Only one shaft seal > low-maintenance
  • Suitable for short dry runs > Maximum process reliability
  • Radial bearing brushes > Long service life

L3 range

Leistritz screw pumps in the L3 range are three-spindle, single-volute, self-priming displacement pumps. They are used to transport non-abrasive lubricating fluids.

User benefits

  • Fewer pump components > Cost-effective
  • High efficiency > Low operating costs
  • No rotor axial thrust > Low bearing load
  • Impervious to aeration > Quiet, minimal vibration

L4 Serie

Leistritz Schraubenspindelpumpen der Baureihe L4 sind zweispindelige, doppelflutige, selbstansaugende Verdrängerpumpen. Sie dienen zur Förderung von aggressiven/nicht aggressiven, abrasiven/nicht abrasiven, niedrig- bis hochviskosen Medien mit schmierenden/nicht schmierenden Eigenschaften.



  • Spindeln (Welle/Rotoren) aus einem Stück gefertigt > geringe Spindelbiegung und berührungsfreies Design
  • pfeilverzahnte Getriebe > reduzierter Geräuschpegel und wartungsfreundlich
  • austauschbarer Einschub > wartungsfreundlich
  • spezielle Spindelgeometrie > minimierte Pulsation und optimierter NPSH-Wert
  • verschiedenste Wellenabdichtungen > kundenspezifische Dichtungen (einfachwirkend, doppelt wirkend, API-Pläne)

Kompakte Pumpen

  • kompakte einteilige Gehäuse > Kosten- und Gewichtsreduktion
  • spezielle Geometrien > große Förderströme
  • optimierte Baugrößen > feinere Mengenabstufung
  • Spindeln (Welle/Rotoren) aus einem Stück gefertigt > geringe Spindelbiegung und niedrige Lagerbelastung
  • Zahnräder & Kugellager ölgeschmiert > längere Lebensdauer und Wartungsintervalle

L4 range

Leistritz screw pumps in the L4 range are twin-screw, double-volute, self-priming positive displacement pumps. They are used to pump aggressive / non-aggressive, abrasive / non-abrasive low to high-viscosity fluids with lubrication / non-lubrication properties.

User benefits

Modular system

  • Spindles (shaft/rotors) manufactured in one piece > Low rotor deflection and non-contacting design
  • Arrow-toothed gears > Reduced noise level and low-maintenance
  • Replaceable insert > Low-maintenance
  • Special spindle geometry > Minimized pulsation and optimized NPSH value
  • Wide range of shaft seals > Customer-specific seals (single-acting, double-acting, API plans)

Compact pumps

  • Compact one-piece housings > Cost and weight reduction
  • Special geometries > High flow rates
  • Optimized sizes > Finer quantity gradations
  • Spindles (shaft/rotors) manufactured in one piece > Low rotor deflection and low bearing load
  • Gears & ball bearings oil-lubricated > Longer service life and maintenance intervals

L5 range

Leistritz screw pumps in the L5 range are five-screw, single-volute, self-priming displacement pumps for low-pressure duty, suitable for transport of aggressive, light abrasive, low or high-viscosity fluids with good or poor lubricity.

User advantages

  • Low axial flow velocity > Very good priming 
  • High efficiency > Low operating costs
  • Only one shaft seal > Low-maintenance
  • Axially balanced rotors > No axial forces to bearings

Fluid pump systems

Leistritz manufactures more than just individual pumps. In addition to the standard pump units in which screw pumps and the drive are mounted on a base plate, Leistritz also supplies complete pump systems for various fluid applications. They include, among other things, variable speed drives, sealing oil systems, external lubrication systems, instrumentation- and control systems.

Example of a pump system

  • Mobile crude oil transfer pump
  • L4 range
  • 700 kW large diesel unit with exhaust gas line
  • Integrated control system

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