Fuel systems

Powerful pump solutions

The fuel systems division specializes in the development and production of serial products. Two main products are produced and sold: fuel pumps which are used in vehicles and flow meters in fuel dispensers which work on the screw spindle principle. Both products meet the high requirements demanded by the automotive and tank facility industries with regard to performance, accuracy and quality. 

Our strengths

  • Design and development according to customer-specific requirements
  • Constant quality with high quantities
  • Meeting the automotive requirements
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Applying of 5S and Kaizen


More efficient thermal management thanks to screw pump technology

The COOLFLOW coolant pump not only ensures the longevity of the battery, but also offers drivers in e-mobility further decisive added value.

COOLFLOW is a complete solution for safeguarding and optimising the thermal properties in the cooling circuit of an electric vehicle. What do you get out of it as a driver? More efficiency, more range, more power.

More about COOLFLOW

Fuel pump

Twin-screw pump as a fuel pump for the automotive industry

Leistritz pumps are used in a wide range of vehicles and pump modules.

The high overall efficiency in comparison with other pump stages, the low noise emission and the pump's high dirt resistivity as well as the outstanding controllability of a displacement pump make our pumps a reliable and important module in the delivery unit. These are major advantages, particularly in view of the ever higher and stricter requirements for exhaust standards. 

Operating pressure3 ≤ p [bar] ≤ 8
Speed range2500 ≤ n [1/min] ≤ 9000
Capacity80 ≤ Q [l/h] ≤ 450
Supply voltage6 ≤ U [Volt] ≤ 13.4
Operating noise≤ 28 dB [A]
Operating temperature-30 ≤ T [C°] ≤ 90

Flow meter

Twin-screw flow meters for all standard fuels in fuel dispensers

Leistritz flow meters used by many service station operators as the measuring units in the fuel dispenser.

They distinguish themselves with their high accuracy for low-viscosity media. The fuel measured by the flow meter flows in axially, causing spindles to rotate smoothly and evenly. The number of rotations caused by the volume of fuel flowing through is metered by an electronic pick-up, which transmits the pulses to a calculator for display. The principle ensures an extremely long service life for the product, reduced operating costs and longer maintenance intervals for our customers.

Operating pressure2 ≤ p [bar] ≤ 4
Speed range190 ≤ n [1/min] ≤ 7500
Throughput rate2 ≤ Q [l/min] ≤ 80
Accuracy≤ ± 0.25 % (across the full measurement range)
Viscosity range0.4 ≤ ʋ [mm2/s] ≤ 20
Operating temperature-40 ≤ T [° C] ≤ 55

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