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Leistritz HealthCheck

Most people know the saying mainly from their private everyday life. In order to ensure that nothing is left to chance, insurance policies are obtained or health courses are taken. After all, one wants to stay as safe and healthy as possible.

Pump check-up with warranty extension

With the HealthCheck, Leistritz now offers exactly the same for its screw pumps. "They are exposed to permanent wear and tear", explains service expert Christoph Lange. "If you take precautions, you are on the safe side".

Because if you know the condition of your pumps, you have the best prerequisites to ensure long-term production. "Regular check-ups can identify upcoming repairs at an early stage and prevent unplanned, unfortunately often costly, breakdowns and damage", knows Lange.

The best: The Leistritz HealthCheck is available for a short time at a Summer Special price!

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The direct line to the Leistritz service expert:

Christoph Lange
Tel: +49 (911) 4306-496