Offshore Multiphase Systems

Limited installation space, harsh weather conditions, the long distance to the central facilities - these are just few points which make offshore oil production a challenge. The pumps used here must reliably stand the test in view of material and performance. The application of multiphase systems here is an economical and efficient solution. Separators, crude oil refining facilities, pumps, compressors and storage tanks at the collection area become redundant thanks to the direct pumping of the multiphase mixture to the central processing station.

L4 range

multiphase pump technical data

Capacity Max. 5,000 m³/h (755.300 bpd)
Differential pressure Max. 150 bar (2.175 psi)
Viscosity Max. 150,000 cSt
Operating temperature Max. 350°C (662°F)

Application examples

Multiphase Pumpskid on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico
Multiphase Pumpskid in the Chinese Sea
Leistritz Pumpen Team Leistritz Pumpen GmbH