Flow meter

Leistritz flow meters used by many service station operators as the measuring units in the fuel dispenser. They distinguish themselves with their high accuracy for low-viscosity media. The fuel measured by the flow meter flows in axially, causing spindles to rotate smoothly and evenly. The number of rotations caused by the volume of fuel flowing through is metered by an electronic pick-up, which transmits the pulses to a calculator for display. The principle ensures an extremely long service life for the product, reduced operating costs and longer maintenance intervals for our customers.

Technical data

Operating pressure 2 ≤ p [bar] ≤ 4
Speed range 190 ≤ n [1/min] ≤ 7500
Throughput rate 2 ≤ Q [l/min] ≤ 80
Accuracy ≤ ± 0.25 % (across the full measurement range)
Viscosity range 0.4 ≤ ʋ [mm2/s] ≤ 20
Operating temperature -40 ≤ T [° C] ≤ 55

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