L2 screw pumps

Leistritz screw pumps in the L2 range are twin-screw, single-volute, self-priming positive displacement pumps for the low-pressure range. They are used to pump slightly aggressive, slightly abrasive, low to high-viscosity fluids with good to poor lubrication properties.

User benefits

  • High efficiency > Low operating costs
  • Only one shaft seal > low-maintenance
  • Suitable for short dry runs > Maximum process reliability
  • Radial bearing brushes > Long service life


L2NG technical data

Capacity Max. 900 m³/h (3,960 gpm)
Differential pressure Max. 16 bar (232 psi)
Viscosity Max. 100,000 cSt
Operating temperature Max. 280° C (536° F)
  • Space-saving installation in the tank
  • No suction or NPSH problems
  • Use as a cargo pump or primary lubricating oil pump in shipbuilding


Leistritz Pumpen Team Leistritz Pumpen GmbH
Leistritz Pumpen Team Leistritz Pumpen GmbH