In petrochemical and chemical process engineering, screw pumps, acting as displacement pumps, offer hydraulic characteristics which make them indispensable for the entire viscosity range. In chemical applications in particular, the high suction force and the gentle handling of the fluids to be pumped are the outstanding features of this type of pump. In general, all of our pumps can be used in this field, but the most common one is the two-rotor pump.

In the chemical industry, our pumps are mainly used for the following examples:

Leistritz screw pumps are used to pump clean or slightly abrasive, low and high viscosity fluids with lubricity from poor to good, such as: additives, bitumen, resins, crude oil, greases, benzenes, adhesives, silicates, isocyanates, tar, polyols, asphalt, paints/varnishes, paraffin, polymers, and various other chemical products.
For chemical and petrochemical applications, the material and safety requirements are correspondingly high. Here, Leistritz offers process- and customer-oriented solutions which are perfectly tailored to the individual tasks.

Typical pumps for chemical applications

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